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I am going out of town until sometime Sunday! *bounces* I'm going up into the mountains to spend time with Vorlaix while he has to work over the weekend. Also taking kidlet as Sunday is Father's Day.

I've changed professions from enchanting to alchemy and have levelled it up to 290. I'm poor as a churchmouse now, though, so any donations of herbs will be gratefully accepted. Many thanks to Particas, who's sent me recipes and herbs already, you've helped SO much. Not to mention that I bought an alchemy recipe of his from the AH and he sent me the money I'd paid.

Earlier today, there was a SPECTACULAR Uldaman run consisting of myself, Bluspirit, Particas, Vergaroar and a PUG pally. We got Bluspirit her artisan Enchanter training (thus prompting my change in professions as I've grown to hate enchanting with the fiery hate of a thousand hell dimensions), ran the instance, beat the final boss (which I've personally never done before) without wiping and in less than ninety minutes. It was an awesome run and again, it showed that we have a massively talented set of players in our Guild.

There was an aborted Zul'Furruk run tonight, one of the PUG guys was a little over excitable, it sounds like. So at some point tomorrow (Saturday 6/16), Bluspirit, Particas and Sparkwhistle would like to make another run at it. If you're on and they are too (and you're of level to go), give them a shout.

Congrats to Phiter, who should be returning home tomorrow on Summer Leave from West Point!

We did lose a Guild member today - Vergaroar decided to leave to join his friends Guild. I did tell him that he was welcome back after the Uldaman run today.

Enjoy the weekend and Happy Father's Day!
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