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Hey all!

It's been a few days so yeah...

I've got a new laptop that as soon as I fix one issue will have WOW/BC installed on it for play!

I also went ahead and got the Sacred Hammer and channeled it into the Mallet of Zul'Furruk (a? However you spell it, ZF) so that if people in the Guild need a ZF run, we can go ahead and run it with the Mallet. I find myself constantly amazed at what I can kill now without too much trouble. I solo'd the Hammer/Mallet bits and killed the Hexx Priestess. *shakes head*

I won't be on much after tonight for the weekend, I've had long standing plans for a girl's weekend with some friends, so after dinner with the in-laws tomorrow (will be ALOT of fun, I think, I love my in-laws!) and hanging out with Phiter today before that, I plan on setting up the laptop and spending the weekend with good friends, no kidlet and free booze. *laughs*

Anyways, I will be reachable on my cell (for those that have the number) and at tenaya at cableone dot net (which in turn alerts to my cell phone, *laughs*). I think I take this a little too seriously at times, but then again, it works, huh?

*hugs* to all of you!
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