particas (particas) wrote in wow_darklegacy,

Dungeon Runs

We need to go back to basics, Back to the old grind wheel to speak. We beating ourselves to death trying to do content that we are just plain not ready for. Yes we have the levels but their more then just levels in beating the top teir Bosses. We need Practice and much better gear then we currently have.

So what we need to do is start at Blood furnace and work our way up. What does this mean is we need to do each several times until we have the stuff we want and then move on. Some of these places we may be able to do 2 to 3 times a night if we have the time. This also can be very profitable for us all.

I suggest you look At Allakazam, Thottbot or the Armory and see what drops in the different dungeons so you have an ideal what you like to have. Another place you can visit is

Gear, Practice and good old fashion Fun will get us over the rough time we going to have.
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