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Blood Furnace Tonight? Aug 3rd

Lets try this Again tonight.

Some Info on the bosses for you to chew on.

3 Bosses

1 The Maker
a) does a knockback on melee in range
b) Does mind control on a random player. Mage can sheep this person
c) Has a short ranges acid Spray

This is a Tank and Spank fight Damage output from him is real low.

2 Broggok
a) Aoe poison Bolt this bolt hits for moderate damage on impact and has a DOT effect (can be removed)
b) Poison Cloud When he puts this up tnak move him away from it and everyone else avoid it.

This is a endurance event with 4 Waves OF fel Orcs and nascent Fel Orcs None Elite easy to kill. And Neopyte Fel Orcs (THEY Have No Aggro Control) CC these if possable.

Broggok will engage when waves are done he cast his AOE bolt He drop his Poison Cloud But if tanks moves him away from it easy to avoid.

3 Keli'dan the breaker
a) Cone shadow bolts cone Shape Attack doing moderate damage
b) Blastwave A charge Blastwave dealing massive Damage
c) Corruption magic dot shadow damge

This encounter begins when after the 5 Warlocks around Keli'dan are killed; they can be CC'd. They have a weak single target shadow bolt but they also have a nasty "magic" debuff, Mark of Shadow which increased Shadow damage taken significantly. If there is no one available to decurse keep the final warlock CC'ed until its duration is up.

The tank should pick up Keli'dan as turn him away from the party as soon as possible to avoid getting slammed by his Cone Shadow bolt attack. Keli'dan will randomly cast Corruption on us but is magic and can be removed.

Throughout the fight he will kneel down and become immune to damage and emote. Melee needs to run out immediately as he is charging his massive damage Blastwave.

For More info like this and what Loot the Bosses drop for your Class Please
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