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August News

Okay all!

This month is getting socially crowded for me - my baby brother (who plays under the name Kayleena in the Guild) is coming home on leave from the US Navy on Tuesday 08/21. He's getting married on Friday, 08/24. He returns to his station (Miramar CA) on 08/28. So I will be planning that most of this week.

This weekend, I will also be moving the last bits of my greataunt's belonging from her apartment to my garage as she is now in a nursing home.

Next weekend is the local science fiction/fantasy convention that I work/volunteer for, so that's another weekend that I will be now online.


Beginning Labor Day weekend, I would like to start my hard run at seventy on Tenaya as well as starting to get the available 70s keyed for Kara. I would also like to start including Sparkwhistle on our levelling and key quests as he's in Outlands now! WOOT Spark!

Particas, knowing that Blu and Sarat can really only run instances on Friday nights, Saturdays and during the day on Sunday (sarat may be slightly different), can you come up with a tentative schedule of runs that we need/can do in Outlands to do that?
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