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Kara keys

Ok we want to work on Kara Keys and their a lot of stuff we need to do. Please read the Following Link

This explains what you need to do to get the key to Kara.

some of the stuff you can do on your Own or with a partner ( I suggest getting help) 1st 3 steps is this way.

Then we need to to work on Getting a sethekk halls Run for the key to Shadow Labyrinth.

(Note only one needs this key but we should and need to do all the instances many times for Gear so we get everyone a key)

then we need to work on getting everyone Keys for Arcatraz (Note this requires you have a flying mount)

after this we need to go into Black Morass but this requires us to complete the saving thrall encounter in Old Hillsbrad Foothills So we need to do that to.

So what i asking is everyone That is 69 to 70 work on the 1st 3 steps as soon as they can. And let me know when you done so I can do a check off list. I post it here and update it when required.

This weekend we can do Sethekk Halls and maybe some other Dungeons for Gear and Gold for our Flying Mounts. :)

So as you Can See it going to be a Lot of work Getting EVERYONE Keyed. But it will Be a lot fun for all of us.
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