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The View From Scenic Underbog!

Last night assorted members of the Guild took a trip into the Underbog. I think we had:

Tenaya, Sarat, Daane, Blu, and myself. (using my non-guild character, Syldara)

We weren't able to gt very far due to encountering a very powerful boss wile our group had no healer, but thats not to say that the event was entirely unsuccessful. We did get some really cool stuff done. We gave the new Ventrilo server a workout and discovered that it works really well. It was much easier to coordinate an instance run when we could actually talk to each other in realtime. And honeslty, I got two quests done even though we didn't make it very far in. I collected enough Hibiscus, and the Underspore Fern to complete those quests. Sorry that Sarat got stuck underwater in ghost form, effectively ending the run. Totally not her fault though.

Hopefully in the next little while we'll get a chance to try again. I hope to have Sparkwhistle up in the 50's after some determined play. I made 43 this morning. And Blue mentioned trying to get BluSpirit leveled up so we'd have a healer. Looking forward to it.
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